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A significant portion of the proceeds from this book is being donated to The Bachmann Strauss Dystonia and Parkinson Foundation.

A friend of mine has dystonia, which is not a country neighboring Estonia. Dystonia is a serious neurological movement disorder that causes uncontrollable and, at times, painful spasms in one or more parts of the body. It may be genetic in origin or appear spontaneously, and dozens of diseases and conditions include dystonia as a major symptom. While not widely known, dystonia is the third most common movement disorder. It affects an estimated 500,000 men, women and children in North America. Some forms of dystonia are genetic, but the cause for the majority of cases is not known. There are very limited treatment options and no known cure for dystonia, but I am committed to help my friend and so many others like him to help find a cure.

By buying this book, you are truly helping and I thank you for joining me in shedding light on this important cause.